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Holiday of peace, goodness and justice

   The evening of 13 September in the hall cafe «Lex» of the National university “Odessa academy of law” gathered a lot of people

   The evening of 13 September in the hall of the cafe «Lex» of National University “Odessa Academy of Law” gathered a lot of people: ladies in evening dresses and simply dressed, gentlemen - in suits and ties. Some might have thought that in the hall, which was shot over a dozen television cameras and still cameras, held a banquet in honor of a birthday or wedding. On the one hand, this is the case, for an event because it was dedicated to the anniversary of the Committee on protection of rights and freedoms of citizens “Shield” and Charity Fund “Assalam”. On the other hand, it was focused on official business – namely, the organizations report on the work done for the year of work.

   Guests and employees of the fund "Assalam” and the committee "Shield " gathered around a large round table, decorated with a variety of dishes, including eastern sweets and fruit, which is a symbol of eastern hospitality. Before the beginning of the celebration President of the fund "Assalam" and the committee "Shield" Saleh Daher personally met each of the guests of this evening. Among the guests there were: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine Dr. Mohammed al-Asaad, a member of the Syrian Arab Republic Consulate in Odessa, Bassam Haddad, a representative of the Georgian consulate in Odessa Dzhagbazetvili Mamuk, deputy chief of the Main Department of the State Migration Service of Ukraine in Odessa region Suprunovsky Ivan Petrovich, head of domestic policy of the Odessa City Council Bayzhanov Albert Ivanovich, members of the Odessa City Council Ananiev Alexander Nikolayevich and Vasiliy Ulyanovich Polishchuk, chairman of the Odessa regional organization the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine Rabotin Yuriy Anatoliyevich, President of the Polish Cultural Center in Odessa named after A. Mickiewicz – Zalutsky Tadeusz Nikodimovich, Deputy Chairman of the social organization "Armenian community of Odessa" Margarita Vagramovna Torosian, chairman of the Public Movement "Faith, Hope, Love" Semikop Tatiana Evgenievna, Project representatives of local integration of refugees and South Ukrainian Centre of Young Lawyers. There were also many representatives of different national societies, exactly of Syria, Palestine, Sudan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Vietnam, China.

   On the stage brightly lighted hall entertainer, who announced the participants about objectives of the event, presented the first participants of the concert. Children's dance group performed igniting Ukrainian dance to the music of the song "Rozpryagayte, hloptsі, konі", accompanied by elements of rhythmic gymnastics.


   After the dance on the stage came the ??entertainer who gave some excerpts from the Charter of "Shield" and drew the attention of visitors to the fact that the report on the activities of two humanitarian organizations is not the same as it is accepted to provide, and will take the form of companionship.

   On the stage got, how it’s provided to say, the main hero of the event Saleh Daher. In his speech to the gathered audience he pay the most of his attention to the point that in modern world still exist a lot of injustice, fighting with which is one of the main prerogatives of the fund “Assalam” and Committee “Shield”. The President of both organizations remembered that our city first gave him shelter, and then the ability to provide the necessary assistance to all who need it, because, as he said, "God created the heaven, the earth, the sun, the water for the sake of man."

Speaking about the aims and objectives of the organizations their leader mostly stressed the point that the protection of the people shall be separate from religion, political belief or color. At the end of his speech Saleh Dager repeated three times: "Let's work!"

   Then came to the stage the representative of the Committee "Shield" and told about the main focus of its work for the year. Must be said that there were things to talk about. During the reporting period, the organization and the fund "Assalam” made a work, which could be spread over several years. Independently and together with other organizations fund “Assalam” took part in the whole bunch of the celebrations and actions. For the population of the city as well as to adults to the youngest in the walls of the fund and the committee "Shield" was organized and operated on a regular basis, free legal advice, courses in which everyone can learn Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, French and many other languages. Not so long ago there was a new project - "School of early development." Attention is paid to the smallest citizens of the city, which are taught how to count, write letters and the basics of reading. Huge reservoir of activities devoted to the work with refugees in the territory of Odessa and the region. Certainly was done a great job. To the report could be spend a lot of time. But the organizers have gone the other way.

   "Attention to the screen" - declared entertainer. Before the eyes of the audience was a wonderful slide show, reflecting the way "Shield" and "Assalam", done for the year.

   Under classical music gathered saw the whole range of employee productivity of two organizations: the International Women's Day on March 8 and exclusively Muslim "Kurban-Bairam", participation in promotions of "Peace and freedom of Palestine" and "World Without Wars." Acquaintance with the noble deeds that have been held for a year, it is surprising how this is possible. It turned out – it is possible. The attention of the crew of Saleh Daher was paid to veterans of the war as well, which on the celebration of the Victory Day on May 9 got presents on the "Front halt" and also crew paid attention to children who doesn’t have the main thing – parental care. Employees of Fund "Assalam" - frequent visitors of orphanages and boarding schools. They do not remain indifferent to the problems of urban level, as evidenced by participation in a rally in support of the business market, "Privoz" in action "Ukrainian language is the language of unity”. Spring participated in the championship football teams of national communities.

   One year of work established close relationships with media professionals, veterans who received special honor and respect. These people received certificates and gifts on the day of radio and television.

   For today, as have shown numerous shots on the screen, the fund "Assalam" and the organization "Shield" and their charitable activities have been known outside of the city. Possible assistance they have diplomats of various countries and international organizations.

   The first series is called Photo-leading program is over. Appeared on the scene I Prize Winner of the 3rd International Festival "Sea Pearl" Elena Bliznyuk. Guests of were satisfied slightly sad and wistful by the Ukrainian song "Zorya in nebі zapalala."

   In place of the young singer ran dance group "Mosaic" with their electrifying dance cheerful "Dіvochі vikrutasi." Well set composition was performed by girls, which were wearing national costumes: shirts with embroiderer, colorful skirts and wreaths on their heads. I'm not going to guess whether or not specifically included in the program number with the Ukrainian flavor. Be that as it may, this choice seemed logical. That Ukraine became a second home of Saleh Dagher, his countrymen and others who were strangers in the homeland of their ancestors.

   To the applause of the audience group "Mosaic" left the stage replaced by the leading of the holiday. This time, he drew attention to the fact that the tables are questionnaires that asked to fill. The questionnaires 6 points, among which the most interesting question: "Your wishes to the Committee and the Fund." Among the variety of wishes, friends of Saleh Dager and his team wished mostly good luck, prosperity, inspiration, and thanks for what has been done. If the organizers of the competition to the most unusual or funny wish, at first could claim the prize is: "Good luck! Good Luck! Good Luck!...and be healthy, prosperous and generous! " What more could you wish about?

   And yet, while guests were filling out questionnaires, thinking what to wish for the birthday and how to evaluate their work, the stage took the band, which surely have behind a large number of concerts, competitions and festivals. Consonance of male and female voices which accompanied two accordions and drums, made a special impression on the audience. In those moments that three Ukrainian artists perform songs for the guests was the life of our people and their cultural, historical features, with its rites and destiny.

   The culmination of the evening was the awarding of people who have made great contributions to the development and operation of the fund, "Assalam" and Committee "Shield." Generous host of the celebrations Saleh Daher presented diplomas and valuable gifts. The first came at the invitation of entertainers Ambassador of Palestine to Ukraine Dr. Mohamed al-Asaad, head of the internal policy of the Odessa City Council Bayzhanov Albert Ivanovich, Chairman of the Odessa regional organization, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Honored Journalist of Ukraine Yuriy Anatoliyevich Rabotin and some other guests.

   Received deserved diplomas everyone who were awarded said words of gratitude for the fact that the fund "Assalam and Committee " Shield " are doing for our city, in particular, for its neediest residents. So Yuriy Anatoliyevich Rabotin rightly observed that that both organizations work in the city, which is home to 132 nationalities, and wished to be as the best of the best and among them, of course, is "Shield" and "Assalam".

   Among the awardees certificates was a poet, translator, journalist A.I.Yani, who works with the fund "Assalam" almost from its inception. Do not stayed in debt a veteran. He presented the audience a collection of poems of Daher Saleh called "Native Land", a compilation, released a few hours before the beginning of the celebration, and who, as he said Anatoly Ivanovich, "still smells of ink."

     When the awards were presented occurred one not planned thing, but pleasant event. On stage again rose Yuriy Anatoliyevich Rabotin and presented a certificate to the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine young but already experienced journalist Nikita Shabanov, besides the student of National university “Odessa academy of law”.

   So presents and gifts were handed out and burst into a fun dance performed by the Slovak group "Mosaic". Room is filled with sounds of many musical instruments, especially flutes and cymbals. In the final concert of the lyrical song of peace and love sung Alexander Kabakov.

   On a small, but very capacious concert was a place occurrence of multiple talents. There were songs and dances. Demonstrated his skill and veteran stage and those who have creative peaks ahead. Many achievements and today's birthdays, the Charity Fund "Assalam" and the Committee on the protection of rights and freedoms of citizens "Shield."

   Has done a lot, but much remains to be done in view of the fact that there are still many people who need help and protection of the fund "Assalam" and his constant companion the Committee on the protection of rights and freedoms of citizens "Shield." So summed up the results of work that has become a real holiday, after which everyone could take a picture together and apart. Media representatives posed Odessa, holding hands with visitors from Vietnam, Syria, China and other countries. In short, the holiday was a success!

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